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The law office of SEGEL & SOLYMOSI, in Erie, Pennsylvania, is committed to representing victims of automobile, motorcycle, and truck accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, wrongful death, and other serious personal injuries. The mission of our staff is to provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation to get the money you or your loved ones need to fix your injuries, replace your losses, and make up for the things that can't be fixed or replaced.

We treat each client's case seriously. We understand that every injured person who comes to our office comes to us with a unique background, unique needs , and unique case circumstances. The first thing we will do is listen . listen to you and objectively and candidly answer the many questions you have.

We know you are concerned about your injuries, about your medical treatments, about your medical bills, about getting the treatment you need now and may need in the future, about the phone calls you may be getting from insurance adjusters, about whether you are entitled to be compensated for what you have lost and, about how to go about getting all that done. It is often overwhelming, but we can help.

We want you simply to focus on getting better. We'll handle the rest: investigating and researching the circumstances of your case; gathering evidence; communicating with the insurance companies and their adjusters and attorneys; dealing with the issues concerning how your medical bills will be paid, etc. And we will keep you timely informed at every step of the way.

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